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Creating Your Own Bazaar Server

posted Sep 17, 2012, 8:52 AM by Andre Rossouw
 - Original content: 2011 © Michael Lustfield (

Install SSH server and BZR
sudo aptitude install openssh-server bzr

Configure file system and group permissions
All bzr branches should be in same directory/partition and should be accessed via: bzr+ssh://

Get into the branch directory
cd /bazaar

Create a directory for branch content
mkdir bzr

Make a nice short directory name to this
cd /
ln -s /bazaar/bzr

Create generic group, bzr. Members of this group will be able to push.
groupadd bzr

Assign group to branches
chown root:bzr /bazaar/bzr

Set generic permissions
chmod 770 /bazaar/bzr

Set the sticky bit
chmod +s /bazaar/bzr

Add user to bzr group:
usermod -a -G bzr username

For special projects or tighter security, create additional groups and assign to relevant branches:
Create new group
groupadd bzr-special

Set permissions on branch
chown -R root:bzr-special /bzr/branch

Add users to the special group
usermod -a -G bzr-special username